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I AM HARDSTYLE – 05-04-2019

After numerous successful events, a complete merchandise brand and the infamous I AM HARDSTYLE album it’s time for the next step! We proudly present to you a new label: I AM HARDSTYLE. Not only as a brand but also as a platform for Brennan Heart and other well-known artists: Aftershock, ANDY SVGE, Blademasterz, Code Black, Galactixx, Rebourne, The Pitcher and Toneshifterz.

I AM Hardstyle has been a household name in the Hardstyle scene for years. Well-known as a close family in which artists support each other and the team working closely to get only the very best out of the brand. With own events and hostings at the biggest festivals around the world, I AM HARDSTYLE is one of the fastest growing brands in de scene, so the creation of a new label was a logical step to take I AM HARDSTYLE to a higher level!

The lyrics in the I AM HARDSTYLE 2019 anthem reflect the label’s vision perfectly: ‘I AM.. The most powerful combination of words, for what you put after them shapes your reality..’

The label kicked off with the release of the ‘Show Your True Colors’ album and the I AM HARDSTYLE 2019 anthem by the main man himself Brennan Heart. More new music is on its way because the upcoming period is filled with top notch releases by artists like Aftershock, Rebourne, ANDY SVGE and The Pitcher!


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Q-BASE 2018 – The Last Edition

Q-BASE 2018 – The Last Edition – 15-05-2018

Dear Q-dancer,

After fifteen magnificent years, the time has come to say farewell to Q-BASE. With an orange heart filled with pride, we look back at a festival that will forever hold a very special place in our heart.
The first time we laid eyes on Weeze’s abandoned Airbases, we instantly knew: “this is where we’re going to throw insane parties”.
And so we did. Raving from bunker till bunker until we saw the sun come up.

But now the final edition is upon us: the concluding chapter of the Q-BASE story. Don’t be afraid, every ending is a new beginning.
That’s why we’re launching a unique new concept at Airport Weeze in 2019. A concept which allows us to explore and expand our boundaries. Because inspiring and providing you with the best party experience, that’s what we owe you.
The ultimate salute takes place on September 8. A salute to 15 years of Q-BASE and to you, the loyal Die Hard. Prepare to go out in style as we’ve got the biggest, baddest, roughest and most insane Q-BASE experience ever in store for you. It will be a legendary farewell, and we hope that you will be part of it.

Thank you.

We’ve only just begun.



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S.W.A.T. Is Back!

S.W.A.T. Is Back! – 24-04-2018

Dear Q-dancer,

Calling all international fans! The Scantraxx team is packing their bags, getting passports ready and are heading to a city near YOU. Armed with a team of mighty artists, timeless tunes and wild shenanigans, you’d better buckle up and prepare yourselves for the ultimate Scantraxx experience!

We are always overwhelmed by the amount of support we receive internationally, so we feel as though it’s time to give something special back to our fans abroad… We are proud to announce that in 2018 the beloved S.W.A.T. tour is returning and going to make your city go wild!

S…WHAT?! Long-time fans of Scantraxx Recordz would definitely remember the notorious Scantraxx World Artist Tour, aka S.W.A.T., from back in the days. Marked as a big success during the earlier years of the label, S.W.A.T. ran through numerous countries and saw the label’s most powerful driving forces such as The Prophet, Headhunterz, Wildstylez, Technoboy and Scope DJ gracing the decks with their Scantraxx power.

2018’s S.W.A.T. tour sees us recruiting an A-class selection of artists from today’s label and also the earlier days to take-on the task of bringing the Scantraxx feels worldwide. With three confirmed locations on the horizon, we’re excited to hit the road at full throttle and meet with all of our faithful followers from abroad!

So fans, get ready – ‘cause Scantraxx could be making some memories in your country!


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Art Of Creation

Art Of Creation – 02-02-2018

After a decade of countless shared memories and magical collaborations, Headhunterz and Wildstylez align paths and seal their friendship to establish a visionary movement: Art of Creation. The blueprint of the label originates from their mutual artistic – often melodic – approach to Hardstyle that has inspired many of us throughout the years. Radiant and pure, crafted with passion and precision.

We represent a scene that surpasses the ordinary – one of the few where unity and dedication are still key values. A community that is bound by a history, a path, a purpose. Art of Creation sets out to honor these values, revive the past and contribute to its future by introducing a new storyline where we will set forth on our journey and bring along new talent on the rise. A dynamic platform where years of experience, friendship, talent and passion come together and spark new inspiration on the pursuit for quality and greatness in music.

The future ahead lives in our imagination.
Until it is shaped by the Art of Creation.


Art Of Creation
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KELTEK – The Story

KELTEK – The Story – 02-05-2017

With pride we can announce that Sven Sieperda is back to hit the charts with his brand-new act: KELTEK!

We are honoured to have this musical legend joining the Scantraxx family. Equipped with a collection of the finest Hardstyle tunes, KELTEK is here to bring a distinctive sound packed with huge atmospheres and stunning melodies!

Describing himself as ‘neither hard, nor soft,’ KELTEK aims to freely explore Hardstyle in its finest form and bring his top-notch productions up to the biggest stages! With his first booking announced at Summerfestival, Sven will soon announce some other performance hot-spots!

You’ve been warned – new music is coming your way, starting with his first Scantraxx release, titled “Down To Earth.”

Check out The Story:


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Decibel Outdoor 2017 – Trailer

Dec 2016

Fellow Followers!
Just a few days left before 2016 will come to an end, if we take a look back to the past year it was more than productive year for us.
Since 2014 when we got two new team members (2014: Nightstalker / 2015: Ceero) our blog started to grow up more and more.
Nightstalker & VTraxx where updating the blog with a lot of older releases and stuff.
And we have some great new features coming soon next year!
With Ceero’s help we could add also the genre “Subground” with labels like: QULT Records, Subground Records, FE Records, The Funky Cat to our blog.

This year we also got the chance to make new connections to popular Hardstyle labels and working together with them updating and posting upcoming releases.
As maybe some of you people know, we also have a ‘little brother’ site which will be more active next year!.

Also a big shoutout and THANK YOU to you all who follow us every day & use us as source for looking to old/new releases.
The team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
– Fred, Thomas, Patrick & Michael

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Hard Bass 2017 – Trailer


Digital Punk: Unleashed Tour 2015

Digital Punk: Unleashed Tour 2015 – 02-09-2015

Are you ready to get Unleashed?!
From the stellar podcast to an entire community, Digital Punk’s ‘Unleashed’ has become one of the most renowned concepts in the hardstyle scene. Since the conception of the podcast in 2013, Unleashed has grabbed the number one spot in iTunes monthly and has grown to be much more than a podcast. With a dedicated and growing number of soldiers, it’s time to bring this concept to life and spread Unleashed throughout Europe.
The first European show will kick off on the 25th of September at Discoplex A1 in Poland, followed by shows in Germany, Italy, France, Chile and an exclusive show in The Netherlands! Further locations and dates will be announced soon, so be sure to keep your eye on Digital Punk’s page.

Source: BPM MGMT


Unlocked Indoor Festival – Trailer


Scantraxx Signs: Malua

Scantraxx Signs: Malua – 09-07-2015

We are extremely proud to welcome yet another talented member into the Scantraxx family! Malua fell head over heels in love with the harder styles when she received the Qlimax 2002 CD as a gift. After visiting her very first hardstyle festival, Defqon.1 in 2006, Malua began visiting more and more parties as her passion for the music exponentially grew. In 2012, Malua began mixing and showcasing her mixes online. Soon after, she received a request from Q-Dance, which led her to spreading her charm at the Defqon.1 2013 after party in the Q-Dance Radio area!

Since her first performance, Malua has gone from strength to strength and her hard work and effort has paid off, resulting in the release of her first track “Back and Forth” alongside High Voltage. Her first track generated a huge response and a remarkable amount of support from B-Front and Titan. Malua is not afraid to play rough and her productions just go to show that there is more than meets the eye!

Celebrating her debut on Scantraxx Recordz, Malua’s first release “Brightness” (released on Scantraxx Silver) is set to shake the scene and prove that she’s a force to be reckoned with! With a bright future ahead and some huge goals that will be achieved, we are extremely proud to celebrate Malua joining our family!


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Noisecontrollers – All Night Long (Album)

Noisecontrollers: All Night Long (Collected studio material ‘2013-2015’) – 22-04-2015

The day has dawned upon us and the countdown is finally over!

Many hardstyle fans have noticed the speculation building around a mysterious countdown that has been running on Noisecontrollers’ new website for two weeks now. The man himself has also been endlessly hinting that a whole new front of music was on its way in time for festival season.

After the huge success of ‘All Around’ in 2014 and beyond, there was no stopping Noisecontrollers creatively as he has been focussing on his next big project – a digital studio album!

Going by the name ‘All Night Long,’ the studio album’s sole aim is to focus on musical diversity, sound design and of course, experimentation. As a collection of assorted studio material from 2013-2015, one thing that is for sure – you can expect the very best!

So what can we expect to hear from ‘All Night Long?’ According to Noisecontrollers himself, the studio album can be described as a combination of styles beyond boundaries that personally inspire him, an artistic and sophisticated approach to music, all produced with extraordinary precision in sound design.

Set to inspire the scene, the worldwide release will be on the 1st of June!

Just when you thought the good news was over, the title track “All Night Long” is now available and can be purchased and streamed at your favourite portal: | iTunes | Spotify | JunoDownload | Google Play

Further previews from “All Night Long” will be available in the upcoming weeks so make sure to keep your eye on Noisecontrollers’ social media.

Join in on all of the exclusives with a special All Access login at:


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Roughstate: The Rise Of Rough!

Roughstate: The Rise Of Rough! – 23-03-2015

Ran-D, Adaro, B-Front and Frequencerz have joined forces like never before…

The secret has finally been revealed as Roughstate bursts into the scene at full throttle

After speculation that has been lingering

Standing for nothing less than the highest quality hardstyle, this top-notch team of artists behind the label have been working hard to bring a huge front of new music to showcase to the world. Anticipating a fresh and an innovative approach to hardstyle, Roughstate will bring creativity, a musical edge and much more into the world of hardstyle. As a new label within the scene, this won’t compromise any of these artists past creativity. You can expect only the very best!

Representing Roughstate will be of course Ran-D, Adaro, B-Front and Frequencerz who will be presenting a massive b4b set at Dreamfields Festival in June. As well as these artists, B-Freqz and Gunz For Hire are on board too! All we can say is prepare, for a wave to shake the world of hardstyle!

As a force to be reckoned with, Roughstate will forever change your perceptions of music…. So find out more and join Roughstate…


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Wolfchild | I AM Legion | FCK EDM

Witch | Blackness

My Soul To Take | Raggamuffin

Ghost Town

Gunz For Hire
A Storm Is Coming


A2 Records: Unstoppable

A2 Records: Unstoppable – 19-03-2015

As an elite team of artists who work together, A2 Records stands for high quality raw hardstyle, an undying passion towards music and an exclusive cohort of talented artists.

This year, a huge milestone will be reached as A2 Records will celebrate their 100th release that will be packed full of remixes of older tracks. To match this achievement, the 100th release will have its own exclusive ‘A2 Records – Unstoppable’ showcase at Defqon.1 Festival 2015 in your favorite raw area, the BLUE.

To excite you more, 2015 brings fresh opportunities, loads of new and quality hardstyle and of course, a burning desire to be eternally unstoppable. A2 Records artists E-Force, Digital Punk, Alpha² and X-Pander have most certainly been on a role in 2014 and they are ready to kick it up a notch in 2015! As well as our signature front-men releasing their newest music exclusively on A2 Records in 2015, the sounds of Hard Attakk and others will wander their way onto the label later this year.

A new presentation will accompany the Unstoppable A2 Records. Be impressed at our website and social media. Experience the new. Experience the unstoppable power of A2 Records at


A2 Records
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DJ Stephanie Joins Scantraxx

DJ Stephanie Joins Scantraxx – 20-02-2015

We proudly present a new member to our list of artists. But this asset isn’t just any DJ that has joined our Hardstyle family. We are welcoming a striking Italian female artist with a lot of expertise and experience in the scene: DJ Stephanie.

She knew she wanted to become a DJ and producer when she was only 14 years old. After years of hard work and performing, she has definitely deserved her share of credits as an well skilled and high end Hardstyle name.

Stephanie has played at the biggest festivals internationally and has released excellent tracks over the years. And by joining our label she is ready to show the world there is still more in store that is ready to burst out into the Hardstyle scene. Her first track Ecstasy has the same energy and mystique as her presence.

Her performances take you away on a journey, but more importantly, she will begin unprepared. Right there and then she will decide what tracks to play to give you a limited edition show. You’ll get what deserve and more. And the same goes for her tracks, that live up to the Scantraxx standards just as much.

Being as passionate as she is, she still has a lot of future goals. After hitting various countries with her music, there’s always room for more. So naturally she joined forces with us. We are happy to work with this passionate artist. With a little focus on the USA and releasing more tracks and maybe even an album, this Femme Fatale is ready to take on the next Hardstyle chapter in her career. And we will be right there with her!

DJ Stephanie, striving to encourage the next Hardstyle decade!
A preview of Stephanie’s first Scantraxx release ‘Ecstasy’ will be published next week!


DJ Stephanie
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