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Release Information:

Jack Of Sound – Stories (URCD003)

Created by VTraxx


Label: Unleashed Records
Release Date: 28 November 2018
After months of hard work and preparation, a major project has finally seen the light and been brought to life!
Jack of Sound’s debut album ‘Stories’ is a fact and it’s going to seriously change the game.

With each and every track shining with a different sound and vibe, Jack of Sound’s collection of ‘Stories’ are all personal expressions that vary tale by tale.

01. The Eternal Beginning
02. My Mind
03. Fly
04. Army Of The Sky
05. Distant Earth
06. A Witch Story (Interlude)
07. Machine Error
08. Kingdom (Ft. Snowflake)
09. Shotguns In Hell
10. Afterlife
11. Perfect Volume
12. Das Weite Land (Digital Punk Fragments Remix)
13. Change The Fckn’ Channel (with Digital Punk)
14. New Sound (with RVAGE)
15. Some More (with The Outside Agency)