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Q-BASE 2018 – The Last Edition

Created by VTraxx

Q-BASE 2018 – The Last Edition – 15-05-2018

Dear Q-dancer,

After fifteen magnificent years, the time has come to say farewell to Q-BASE. With an orange heart filled with pride, we look back at a festival that will forever hold a very special place in our heart.
The first time we laid eyes on Weeze’s abandoned Airbases, we instantly knew: “this is where we’re going to throw insane parties”.
And so we did. Raving from bunker till bunker until we saw the sun come up.

But now the final edition is upon us: the concluding chapter of the Q-BASE story. Don’t be afraid, every ending is a new beginning.
That’s why we’re launching a unique new concept at Airport Weeze in 2019. A concept which allows us to explore and expand our boundaries. Because inspiring and providing you with the best party experience, that’s what we owe you.
The ultimate salute takes place on September 8. A salute to 15 years of Q-BASE and to you, the loyal Die Hard. Prepare to go out in style as we’ve got the biggest, baddest, roughest and most insane Q-BASE experience ever in store for you. It will be a legendary farewell, and we hope that you will be part of it.

Thank you.

We’ve only just begun.



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