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Release Information:

The Prophet – From The Hard (SCCD021)

Created by VTraxx

Label: Scantraxx
Release Date: 22 September 2023

CD 1 – The Collabs + The Remakes
01. Born To Be Free (with Ran-D & LePrince)
02. The Get Back (with Frontliner)
03. Make Some Noise (with Level One)
04. Haters Gonna Hate (with Frequencerz)
05. Ichiban (with Malice)
06. Killing No More (with Dr Peacock)
07. Anticipation (FTH Remake) (as The Masochist)
08. No Newstyle (FTH Remake) (as The Masochist)
09. Alright Now Here We Go (FTH Remake) (as The Prophet / HC)
10. Big Boys Don’t Cry (FTH Remake) (as The Prophet / HC)
11. Dominatin’ (FTH Remake) (as The Prophet / HC)
12. FTH: Early Hardcore Minimix (as The Prophet / HC)

CD 2
01. One Moment (From The Hard Edit)
02. Cannonball (The Prophet Remix) (by Showtek & Justin Prime)
03. Timemachine (From The Hard Edit)
04. Tracking The Beat (From The Hard Edit)
05. Fiyaaah!!! (Defqon 2022 Edit) (with Dutch Movement)
06. Stampuhh!! (From The Hard Edit) (with Deepack)
07. H3Y! (REVIVE Remix)
08. Listen To Your Hardcore
09. Caramba! (Prophet’s 2K22 Hardcore Gamers Mix)
10. Shizzle My Dizzle (Soulblast Remix) (with DJ Duro)
11. Uptempo Mashup (by Partyraiser & S-KILL)
12. Wake Up! (From The Hard Edit) (with Brennan Heart)
13. Wanna Play? (From The Hard Edit)
14. Wanna Play? (From The Hard ZAAG Edit)