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Release Information: 2016

Created by VTraxx

Fellow Followers!
Just a few days left before 2016 will come to an end, if we take a look back to the past year it was more than productive year for us.
Since 2014 when we got two new team members (2014: Nightstalker / 2015: Ceero) our blog started to grow up more and more.
Nightstalker & VTraxx where updating the blog with a lot of older releases and stuff.
And we have some great new features coming soon next year!
With Ceero’s help we could add also the genre “Subground” with labels like: QULT Records, Subground Records, FE Records, The Funky Cat to our blog.

This year we also got the chance to make new connections to popular Hardstyle labels and working together with them updating and posting upcoming releases.
As maybe some of you people know, we also have a ‘little brother’ site which will be more active next year!.

Also a big shoutout and THANK YOU to you all who follow us every day & use us as source for looking to old/new releases.
The team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
– Fred, Thomas, Patrick & Michael

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