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Omegatypez Split Up

Created by VTraxx

Omegatypez Split Up – 10-12-2013

Dear fans,

We hereby announce that we – Fabian and Johannes, have decided to continue our Hardstyle journey as solo producers. Fabian will continue producing as Omegatypez, and Johannes will be working on his personal Hardstyle project.

Johannes had been occupied by increased work commitments for quite some time, and had less time to be with Fabian in the studio. Since Fabian began producing the Omegatypez sounds more often as a solo project, we both thought a separation would be fair.

Omegatypez together was an insane experience. We’ve had many good moments together, and definitely have no problems with each other.

The sound of Omegatypez won’t change, and exciting details about Johannes’ new Hardstyle project will be revealed soon.

We really appreciate all the support you’ve given us so far, and hope that you will join us in our new Hardstyle adventures. Thank you so much for being awesome fans.

– Fabian & Johannes


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