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March 2, 2012

Noisecontrollers – E=NC2 (The Science Of Hardstyle)

by Fredzi

Release date : 02 March 2012

01. Intro
02. Pavelow – I JUST WANNA KNOW
03. Dutch Master – MILLION MILES AWAY (Noisecontrollers Remix)
04. Noisecontrollers – PILLARS OF CREATION
05. Bioweapon – MOVE YOUR BODY (Noisecontrollers Remix)
06. Noisecontrollers – GIMME LOVE (Hard Edit)
07. Noisecontrollers & Pavelow – QUATRE MAINS
08. Noisecontrollers – UNITE (Ft. Daniëlle) (Vocal Edit)
09. Noisecontrollers – SPACE
10. Pavelow – NO IDEA
11. Noisecontrollers – SO HIGH
12. Noisecontrollers – CRUMP (Ran-D Remix)
13. Noisecontrollers – UNIVERSE WAS BORN
14. Noisecontrollers – MOONRAKER (Ft. Alpha²)
15. Noisecontrollers – KNOCK OUT (Ft. The Pitcher)
16. Headhunterz & Wildstylez – TONIGHT (Ft. Noisecontrollers) (Alpha² Remix)
17. Noisecontrollers – REVOLUTION IS HERE (Donkey Rollers Remix)
18. Noisecontrollers – E=NC²
19. Noisecontrollers – ALIENS (Digital Punk Remix)
20. Noisecontrollers – NIGHT AFTER NIGHT (Zany Remix)
21. Kasparov – POINT OF NO RETURN (Ft. Evil Activities)

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  1. Danii.
    Jan 24 2012

    Na endlich! O:
    Warte schon eeewig auf das Album ^^

    ! Noisecontrollers ! 🙂

  2. Jorge
    Jan 24 2012

    they played new tracks at x-qlusive?

  3. TJ-Styler
    Jan 24 2012

    YES !!!!!!!! This album will be a bomb for sure when I hear those bangin’ new tracks… I can’t wait ! 🙂

    • Jorge
      Jan 24 2012

      yeah! i think that!

  4. Lukas
    Jan 24 2012

    I hope there are some unknown/ unplayed and so 100% new tracks on the Album! 🙂

  5. René
    Jan 24 2012

    At X-Qlusive they played this tracks where i think that this tracks on the Album:

    Noisecontrollers – So High
    Noisecontrollers – Pillars of Creation
    Noisecontrollers – Universe Was Born
    Noisecontrollers & Alpha Twins – Moonraker
    Noisecontrollers – E=NC2

    Not very much for an X-Qlusive. But it´s good not like Frontliner where you can view all tracks from the Album @ Youtube before the Album was released yet.

    I hope for good Tracks Noisecontrollers 🙂

    • Didrik
      Jan 24 2012

      I think some of the remixes was made for the album aswell
      Crump (Ran-D Remix)
      Aliens (Digital Punk Remix)
      Night After Night (Zany Remix)

  6. Gustav
    Jan 24 2012

    And Noisecontrollers – Revolution is here (Donkey Rollers RMX)

  7. Jan 24 2012

    I hope that “SMD – Just Like You (2012 RMX)” is also on the album

  8. René
    Jan 24 2012

    I have read this @ Harderstate. It´s an cool idea from one poster: The first CD with Solo Tracks and the second CD with Remixes. That´s gonna be very great *__*

  9. Didrik
    Jan 25 2012

    I’d looove to see some older unreleased tracks on the album like Feel It, Furybox, Gaia, In The Marine, Interview, Joke The Joker, You Dont Own Me etc.
    How about a 3 CD album? xD
    CD 1: Own tracks and remixes
    CD 2: Remixes of their tracks
    CD 3: Old tracks and edits

    Whatever they’ve got in store for us, it’s gonna be a huge milestone for hardstyle 😛

  10. René
    Jan 25 2012

    oh yes you say it right i hope so too xD

  11. Jorge
    Jan 25 2012

    All the people hope that!!
    Let´s wait and see what happens!

  12. Jorge
    Feb 2 2012

    It´s february,I can´t wait any longer jajaj

    • Delayed to March 2012 ! SOrry :/

      • Jorge
        Feb 6 2012

        the release date it,s the second of march :
        Some good monday morning news 🙂 Release date of our album E=NC2 : Friday the 2nd of March 2012 #ENC2 !!!

  13. Jorge
    Feb 8 2012

    Noisecontrollers album tracklist:
    1. Intro
    2. Pavelow – I Just Wanna Know
    … 3. Dutch Master – Million Miles Away (Noisecontrollers Remix)
    4. Noisecontrollers – Pillars Of Creation
    5. Bioweapon – Move Your Body (Noisecontrollers Remix)
    6. Noisecontrollers – Gimme Love (Hard Edit)
    7. Noisecontrollers & Pavelow – Quatre mains
    8. Noisecontrollers ft. Daniëlle – Unite (Vocal Edit)
    9. Noisecontrollers – Space
    10. Pavelow – No Idea
    11. Noisecontrollers – So High
    12. Noisecontrollers – Crump (Ran-D Remix)
    13. Noisecontrollers – Universe was Born
    14. Noisecontrollers Feat. Alpha2 – Moonraker
    15. Noisecontrollers Feat. Pitcher – Knock Out
    16. Headhunterz & Wildstylez Feat. Noisecontrollers – Tonight (Alpha2 Remix)
    17. Noisecontrollers – Revolution Is Here (Donkey Rollers Remix)
    18. Noisecontrollers – E=NC2
    19. Noisecontrollers – Aliens(Digital Punk Remix)
    20. Noisecontrollers – Night After Night (Zany Remix)
    21. Kasparov Feat. Evil Activities – Point Of No Return

  14. mike
    Feb 8 2012

    r these full edits?

    • No full tracks… I will be release on different sampler on different label (fusion, digital age, Dmw)

  15. Remus
    Feb 9 2012

    kinda expected something better than this from my heroes. . .
    most of these tracks were already known. to bad, hoped for a nice Always Black remix or some oldschool classic remaster stuff, like hocus pocus or something :/

  16. Gustav
    Feb 9 2012

    They are releasing at different labels??? Why aren’t they releasing all of it on Digital Age? Are the rights for some tracks not owned by Digital Age?

    • ‘Million Miles Away’ is owned by Dutch Master Works
      ‘Move Your Body’ is owned by from Scantraxx
      ‘Crump, Aliens, Revolution Is Here, Night After Night’ are owned by Fusion Records
      ‘Tonight (Alpha2 RMX)’ is owned by Scantraxx Reloaded and already out !
      ‘Point Of No Return’ will be released on a Hardcore label

      So these last tracks might be releases at Digital Age in 3 x 4 samplers :

      E=NC2 / Space / So High
      Universe Was Born
      Pillars Of Creation
      I Just Wanna Know
      No Idea, Quatres Main
      Moonraker (Ft. Alpha2)
      Knock Out (Ft. The Pitcher)
      Gimme Love (Hard Edit)
      Unite (Vocal Edit)

  17. Jorge
    Feb 9 2012

    well but i don´t understand why they release the album on scantraxx label…

  18. dwxx
    Feb 9 2012

    Yea, now its official, nobody wants to say it, but everyone know it (with the sublabel). I think also TiLLT is under control by scantraxx.

  19. Remus
    Feb 9 2012

    Also Italian Hardstyle as far as I know. Slowtraxx is almost everywhere in the Scene.

  20. Gustav
    Feb 9 2012

    Oh, that’s how it works, a remix of a track must be released on the label on wich the original track was released, of course…

    • dwxx
      Feb 10 2012

      No, it depends…

      • Feb 10 2012

        Indeed take the example of Black & White – Get Ya Hands Up (Code Black RMX) : Original label wasn’t fusion.

  21. Jorge
    Feb 9 2012

    there’s any preview of space?

  22. elrondo
    Feb 10 2012

    why scantraxx ? i thought they are under digital:age

  23. Feb 24 2012

    Point Of No Return <333 dammit lovely

  24. Fer
    Feb 24 2012

    Dubstep :(….

  25. Dave
    Mar 3 2012

    Any 1 else wondering why ders no track on the album feat.Wildstylez?


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