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MC Livid joins Theracords & Theracords bookings

Created by VTraxx

For the first time in Theracords’ history, we welcome an MC to our family! We are proud to announce MC Livid as Theracords’ first official MC.

It was due to a recommendation that Theracords and MC Livid met on the 23rd of March 2013. Theracords had the opportunity to do a label night and was in search of an MC to host this evening. Good friend and renowned ‘The Magic Show’ artist MC Shizzler advised Theracords to invite MC Livid on stage.

The combination proved to be an instant match! MC Livid appeared to be the energetic performer that fits perfectly with the Theracords artists. It also became apparent that he is a true passionate music lover, which is an essential ingredient for any Theracords member. With the label night of March 23rd in mind, Theracords decided to welcome MC Livid as a host on several other hardstyle events. On each occasion, MC Livid threw one hell of a party! This made Theracords decide to sign MC Livid on September 1st, 2013.

You will find MC Livid’s on stage on the following events.
You can also follow him on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

For bookings, please visit or email