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1 : Results November 2012

Created by VTraxx

A BIG THANKS TO : Mario Gäde, Gaetano Ortu, Sven Urban, Tamlin Creighton-See, Maximilian Kuch, Patrick Reichle. HARDSTYLERZ91, Ivo Janse, Daniel Ebert, Max Troughton, Robin Kukemüller, Martin Spiegel . Progression : 85%

On September 2010, the blog has celebrated its second anniversary. But from now, we are going to celebrate that in December due of the launch of the Version 2.0 in December 2011. Today our blog (all versions together) has been viewed 704,518 times by 114,887 unique users! We are really proud of that.

In the future, We are going to work on the Facebook Page to give you more contents and interactions between Me & Thomas. More Polls, Monthly Top 10 and now the word is out we’re going to seriously work on our official podcast !

On the 28 November 2012, the Hardstyle-releases server & domain name will expire ! That’s why you can now start to donate to keep you favorite blog alive.. I think it’s not to me or Thomas to paid that because we decided to don’t includes any adds just for your confort.

It’s also an opportunities to give some yearly donations to thanks the time that we are devoting free time to offers you a quality blog with all the latest news in the hardstyle scene. I hope we can count on your generosity guys. Greetz. THANKS!!