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FREE Releases 2.0

Created by VTraxx

Lots of people are enjoying our massive work to keep update the ‘Free Releases’ section as often as possible. Admit it’s a bit boring to make search on forums, social media, twitter, etc.. That’s why, here you will be able to download all that free musics gaven by Artists in only ONE place. Much better, right ?

But when I was edited some posts previously, I was really annoyed of the amount of dead links. Today, we strike again for your comfort and we improved one more time by creating…

.·´¯`·-> The FREE RELEASES DATABASE hosted by Mediafire <-·´¯`·.

So what it is exactely ? check this file : * READ_ME *.pdf

COPYRIGHT: All the tracks uploaded on this account belong to their respective owners and can be immediately removed by sending an email to:

We hope you will enjoy this new service we’re offering to you. Give us feedback and suggestions in Comment about tracks who should be uploads on the account. We’ll upload it as soon as possible !

PS : We’ll re-build lots of ‘Free Releases‘ posts with the new links asap 😉