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Calling All Holland Lovers & Orange Fanatics!

Created by VTraxx

Compatriots. This autumnal equinox, Q-dance will once again present one of her most typical events. Ye Olde Heineken Beer shack in Amsterdam will set the stage for a good old-fashioned Dutch dance and dress up party. Hooray!

Since the memorable edition of two thousand nine, a large number of supporters have called for a sequel. For Q-dance, it was high time to take the bull by the horns. Carnies, orange crazies and cheese girls please note; Saturday the 5th of October two thousand thirteen promises to be a jolly good evening.

Tickets for ‘X-Qlusive Holland – Quaint Times’ are available from Saturday July 27th at 1 PM (CEST), only on The tickets are expected to go like hotcakes. Avoid disappointment and be on time!