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November 4, 2014

Theracords welcomes Jason Payne

by VTraxx

Theracords welcomes: Jason Payne – 04-11-2014

If you ever met Sanjay Mahabir, you know he is an extremely laid back guy with a cheerful mood. But when he takes the stage as Jason Payne, there’s an animal inside him that ignites his primitive side and turns him into something else completely. His beast gets uncaged, and allows Jason Payne to create what he truly stands for: hard and pounding hardstyle, with as few breakdowns as possible.

After playing at tons of smaller parties, his career went through the roof after he won the XXlerator Outdoor DJ contest early 2014. Bass Academy Bootcamp, CRAFT Festival, Dreamfields and XXlerator Raw quickly followed. And now that he has signed with Theracords, his future has become even brighter.

Jason Payne is mostly known for his remarkable way of doing a DJ performance. Witnessing a set by Jason Payne should be an energy draining experience. As stated before, he doesn’t like breakdowns and therefor edits or makes mash ups from tracks as much as he can to keep the tempo high during his sets. No time to stand still: with Jason Payne you will dance until the very last beat gets played.

Previews of Jason Payne’s debut release will be shared with you this week.

Want to see what this new addition to the Theracords roster plays on stage? There are tons of upcoming parties for you to visit where he will be performing, for example Raw Op Je Dak this weekend in the North Sea Venue!


Jason Payne
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