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Release Information:

Degos & Re-Done (NBN23)

Created by Nightstalker

Degos & Re-Done - Rise The Dark

Label: Nightbreed Nocturnal
Release Date: 17 August 2018

01. I Am Lost
02. The Take Over (with Bass Chaserz)
03. Strike As Thunder (with Endymion)
04. Inner Strength (with B-Front)
05. Living The Life (with MC Diesel)
06. Recovered Part 1
07. Ready For Madness (with MYST)
08. Risk The Dark
09. Lost Connection (with Sub Sonik)
10. Flames Rising (with Digital Punk Ft. MC Diesel)
11. Never Break Me (with RVAGE)
12. The Drums
13. Partystarter
14. Blow The Speakers Out
15. Blame God (with Furyan)

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